Pitching the Humanities in Unexpected Places

I’d like to host a “Make” workshop on constructing “elevator pitches” for the importance of the humanities in unexpected places. People with the skills of humanities training are urgently needed in all sorts of places–NGOs, policy teams, medicine, technology projects, advocacy, etc. (just about everywhere I would argue)… However, it is not always apparent to the existing organizations and projects the value a humanities scholar brings to the table. This workshop will provide a venue for articulating our contributions and skills, and encapsulating that information into short, accessible messages. Participants are encouraged to come with a target audience in mind–perhaps a group with whom you’d like to collaborate. The goal will be to develop a strong, clear message around our value that can be inserted into written communication (including grants) or face-to-face conversation. We could even try squishing our messages into twitter-able bites, if folks are up for that.


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About Sarah McCullough

I work as the Associate Director at the Center for the Humanities at UC San Diego. My research interests revolve around technology-body-nature relations, and my object of study is the origins and growth of mountain biking (http://bikinghistory.com), along with bicycling cultures more broadly speaking (http://bicicultures.org). I am passionate about manifesting the importance of the humanities to everyday life and resolutely forming knowledge across divides of all sorts.